Become a MA|RR Volunteer in 4 steps:

To help support your community during the pandemic and beyond why not join MA|RR and become a Road Rep in your community.  We all know our communities better than anyone else so why not put that knowledge to good use and start making a difference today. 

All of our volunteers are supported by Area Coordinators who are contactable day in, day out.  We are all volunteers and have the same aims at our core.  You can become a MARR member in 4 steps...

1. Read through - The Information, Safeguarding and Health & Safety and the Principles of Volunteering documents.
2 Complete the Volunteer Sign Up Form
3. Complete the ID / DBS Form
4. Complete the Confidentiality & Privacy Agreement

Step 2

Application Complete

As we're all volunteers it may take a week or two to process your application, if you haven't heard anything after 2 weeks please do get in touch and let us know.

And finally remember...

It's of the most important that we safeguard both ourselves as volunteers carrying out tasks for vulnerable people, and those that we come into contact with.  Please remember these key points:

  • Keep a distance of no less than 2 meters at all times
  • Never touch anyone, even if your intention is to provide physical support
  • Do not enter another person's home
  • Do not offer any legal or medical advice
  • Never accept money up front for shopping
  • If you're concerned about someone - for example, if they cannot put their shopping away themselves - please signpost or refer them on to the necessary person or agency that can help them, eg. Social Services. We're here to help if you want to discuss the best course of action.
  • Confidentiality - please respect people's private information. Whether this be; their personal details which you should not share without permission from that person, any discussion about a person's private life, which should remain between you and the Admin Team and only if relevant to the help you are able to provide assistance to.  Please handle every person's information with discretion to ensure that the people we help are treated with respect and dignity.
  • Be accountable to the people you help! Every task will be recorded on the TeamBee platform and the person you are helping will be provided with your name.  Please use 141 before any calls and ensure that Kate or Sarah in the admin team are kept up to date with any issues which may arise.

Check out our Introductory video and If you have any questions just shout!