Pay for Shopping - Donate / Pay Here

Due to risk of Covid in Medway we have ceased all cash transactions for anyone who is isolating due to exposure or if some has themselves tested positive. 

In these situations one of our volunteers will purchase your required shopping with their own money, they will then phone ahead to let you know the total and to let our in-house IT team create a bespoke payment portal. This link will either be sent to you via email /pa's a text message, alternatively a telephone transaction can be processed. 

Mutual Aid Road Reps CIC is a non for profit and as such we will not charge you for providing this service, however we will add a £1 transaction fee, which will cover our PayPal / World Pay charges.  The money is then finally transferred to the RoadReps account upon completion of a Reimbursement Form.  As soon as your funds have been processed your shopping will be "handed" over using our non contact protocols.